Focus on Coding

free from thinking about names
searching domains and creating icons and logo images

"Focus on Coding" helps you
when you want to start a novel project / application / service.

It suggests you candidates of new names, domains, icons, and logo images, and you can choose one of them. You are free from thinking about names, searching domains, creating icons and logo images.

Just only enter some keywords of your service. Our application automatically creates/suggests followings.

  • name
  • domain
  • logo
  • icon

You are free from a preparation of your name. You can begin to writing code in a second.

You can FOCUS ON CODING and enjoy happy hacking!

Try it now !

How it works

How to generate candidates of name

At first, input words are divided into syllables. These syllables are calculated by splitting words with vowels using regular expression that is one of methods of natural language processing. We combine these syllables randomly to generate 10 candidates of name. When there are not enough syllables to generate 10 candidates, we attached prefix or suffix to them randomly.

How to search domains

When candidates of name are generated, we show available TLDs (Top Level Domains) with them. These domains are checked for availability via domain registers based on WHOIS search (currently support .com, .net, .co, .me, and .io).

How to generate icons and logo images

Icons and logo images are drawn with Java Graphics2D. Fonts and colors of those assets are randomly selected. We introduced a condition about a combination of fonts and colors in order to generate a better image. The generated image is modified cooler with JH Labs Image Filter Library. And we generate icons with multiple sizes for use of desktop/mobile application.